Suvendu Lenka

Managing Director

He is the Founder of the organization. A Metallurgical Engineer with ASNT NDT Level-III in UT, RT, MT, PT & VT, since 2002 with specialization in welding. He is moving on with 20 years of experience in NDT and welding. He has headed reputed organizations in abroad. He specializes in providing customized & economical NDT solutions to the customers. His Vision is to provide total NDT solutions under one roof. He moves with honesty & integrity and measures success with customer satisfaction.

Gnanasekaran S

NDT Level-III Specialist

He is holding ASNT NDT Level-III in UT, RT, MT & PT and moving with a Decade of experience in NDT. He is an Ex-GE product specialist. He is an expert & specialist in providing technical solutions to the customers and can be reached 24×7.

Amit Kumar Acharya

Manager – Marketing

He is moving on with 10 years of experience in Marketing & Sales of NDT products. He is an expert in providing economical & precise solution to the customers. Enthusiast for 24×7 support.

Satya S Nayak

Manager – Technical Support

He is moving on with 9 years of experience in Software & Technical support. He is a B-Tech graduate in Information Technology from KIIT University and an Ex-Yahoo. Providing support 24×7.

Ramesh Behera

Accounts & Finance

He is a Commerce graduate and is moving with 20 years of experience in Accounts & Finance. Quick and efficient in solving complicated commercial issues.