HT 10 (Handheld Hardness Tester)

Key Features:

  • Bright TFT LCD Color Screen
  • Wide Hardness Scale
  • Versatile Application
  • Stored Material Group
  • Multi-Point Calibration for High Accuracy

  • Unique HLX Conversion
  • Data Storage
  • Data Analysis Software
  • Impact Direction-Auto Recognition
  • Indenters with Wide Design for Various Application


The HT‐10

The HT‐10 is the latest in portable Leeb hardness testing machines. The equipment is designed with high precision of engineering to give the best reliable, accurate and repeatable results. It overcomes the limitations of typical laboratory bench type large testing machines.

Colour TFT‐LCD bright display with adjustable brightness gives a new dimension to clear visual display.

Why is it different from others?

Years of field experience on various application has been incorporated with latest technology to make it extremely easy to operate.

  • Easy single point finger tip operation.
  • All calibration and operations are menu driven.
  • Arrow keys for easy navigation and to change parameters.

Measurement Scale

Almost all general required scales with extremely high accuracy. HL, HRB, HRC, HB, HV, HS scales.

Range of Impact Devices for Various Applications

A wide range of impact devices are available for various complex applications (refer to table 2 and table 3). Hollow cylindrical, grooves, thick/thin parts, hardened layer can easily be tested with extreme accuracy (Refer to Impact Devices Selection Guide table 1).
The equipment automatically detects the impact device when connected.

Supporting rings are available with different sizes to fit in for cylindrical/spherical surfaces beyond the below limit:

Impact device typesRadius
Impact device type GRmin =50 mm
Impact device types D/DC, C and ERmin =30 mm

Material Range

Hardness can be taken on wide range of materials. Direct key helps to select material scale (Group) in single menu.

  • Steel and Cast Steel
  • Cold Work Tool Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Grey Cast Iron
  • Nodular Cast Iron
  • Cast Aluminium Alloys
  • Brass (Copper‐Zinc Alloys)
  • Bronze (Copper‐Aluminium/Tin Alloys)
  • Wrought Copper Alloys

Easy Data Processing

The HT‐10 has build in data logger with capacity to store measurements. The data can be transferred via USB 2.0 communication port to PC and a quick report with ease can be generated within no time through Datapro Software. Complete data of hardness values, average values, material, impact directions, date & time of measurement are all captured and stored through which a statistics analysis can be performed.

Operation & Maintenance

The HT‐10 is extremely easy to operate. The required keys are direct to operate. The equipment is made of ABS plastic sealed to give a high protection level, thus being very rugged. Only two AA batteries can run for more than 100 hrs.


  • Weld/Base Metal
  • Pressure Vessels Bearings/Machineries Castings/Blanks
  • Pipes/Tubes (Inner and Outer Wall) Gears

Impact Devices Selection Guide (Table 1)

Impact Device Types Based on Material Categorization with Measurement Range

Standard Packaging

Measuring Range:
Impact Direction:
All Direction / Auto Detection
Steel and Cast Steel, Cold work tool steel, Stainless steel, Grey cast iron, Nodular cast iron, Cast aluminium
Hardness Scale:
Impact Energy:
11mJ ( Impact Device D)
Impact Ball Hardness:
Impact ball Diameter:
3mm ( Impact Device D)
Impact Ball Material:
Tungsten carbide ( Impact Device D)
Colour LCD-TFT
500 measurement series.(Relative to average times 32
~1) Basic (single- point) calibration and multi-point calibration function
Data Printing:
By connecting the PC to print
Power Voltage:
3V, two AA size, alkaline batteries
Power Supply:
Two ordinary AA batteries
Power Consumption:
Low-power design
Standby Period:
About 100 hours(with default brightness)
Communication Port:
Shell Material:
ABS plastic seal design
300 gms without Battery
PC software:
Datapro Software


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